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Commercial Concrete Repair Experts in North Houston

Commercial concrete general contractor providing repair, resurfacing and maintenance in North Houston and surrounding areas.


We’ve been a part of Houston’s construction industry for over 25 years. Our niche has been developing grade-A commercial concrete solutions for our clients. Among the solutions we offer, commercial concrete repair & maintenance is vital for the well-being of the structural foundation of our client’s commercial and industrial facilities.

It’s worth noting that we are not limited to concrete buildings. We offer any commercial concrete repair that your facility or property requires, including concrete parking lot repair, concrete dock repair, commercial concrete driveway repair, and more. We provide professional concrete solutions for many light industrial and heavy/light commercial uses.

Some common causes for concrete deterioration could be large tree roots, cold temperatures & ice (not very common in Texas but we’ve experienced cold fronts in recent times), and regular wear and tear.

Proper Concrete Maintenance Will Save You Time & Money

Ignoring concrete deterioration signs can become a very costly mistake. It will entail an unnecessary expense of time and money. In the most extreme of cases, it could represent a hazard for the facility’s users. Getting your concrete floor and driveways back to its original state is vital for the safety and productivity of your facility. 

Our decades of experience as a general concrete provides us an in-depth understanding of the cause of deterioration. We share this concrete repair knowledge with our clients through our recommendations for material selection and construction techniques. We offer solutions for cracks, gouges, slab corner breaks, curling slab edges, joint spalling, and more.

Within our concrete repair process, we follow certain basic steps. The first step is to determine the cause of deterioration. The second step is selecting the materials (concrete is a composite material made from a couple of different elements) we recommend to complete the project. The third step is offering a specific solution that fits our client’s needs and budget.

Working with experienced concrete contractors such as us, Silver Spur Concrete, will guarantee that your concrete repair project will be a long-lasting solution. There are details such as finding the proper balance between the mix of water and concrete, which are crucial to achieving the right strength and drying time. As a property manager or property owner, these are all relevant details that you’d need to consider when hiring the right concrete repair service company.

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