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Design-Build in Houston

Silver Spur Concrete is a commercial contractor providing design-build services throughout your project.


    Design-Build Explained

    Silver Spur Concrete is a full service design-build contractor in Houston that offers distinct advantages over contractors who do not provide start to finish services.  A standard construction process is for a project owner to hire an independent architect and engineer who coordinate through the design phase of a project and develop a set of plans which are then handed off to the general contractor for the construction phase. This method can cause costly delays and frustration for the project owner.  With a design-build contractor, all phases are coordinated through one contact, giving the contractor more control of the flow and timing of your project and creating opportunities for value engineering, resulting in a more efficient process and more valuable use of your project budget.  Silver Spur Concrete will handle your entire project all the way through from the initial design concept, to permitting, to lot preparation, and to actual construction.

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    Value Engineering

    Silver Spur Concrete has the experience to apply value engineering to your project. Value engineering has enormous benefits for project owners and is a direct benefit of hiring a design-build contractor. Value engineering means we can identify process improvements ranging from decreasing the timeframe of the project, identifying design changes to reduce maintenance and operation costs of your building, or recommending less expensive alternatives for materials – all to maximize the value of your budget to your project.

    Value engineering is particularly beneficial and the most successful within a design-build process. The traditional method of design, bid and then build, limits the ability to value engineer since no one entity has complete control over the whole project, making it difficult for an architect, an engineer or a manager to independently affect value creation with any significance.  Due to lack of control over the whole project, hurdles in communication between independent teams or perhaps missing pieces of the entire scope of the project. 

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    Benefits of Design-Build


    Fast Project Delivery

    Having everything under one roof greatly improves the speed at which projects can be completed.  Due to well practiced processes and streamlined communication between the various teams in the design-build process.  Better communication equals fewer problems which translate to fewer delays, resulting in a more efficient process overall.  


    Owner Risk and Management

    Hiring a design-build contractor simplifies the construction process for the owner.  With the traditional process, the general contractor, architect and engineer are all separate entities, which means there are three schedules to work around and three separate communication channels to work through. Any issue or delay in any of these channels can create costly project delays.  With a design-build contractor, an owner works through one contract and that contact has complete accountability for the quality, project schedule, and the final result of the project. This represents considerably less than when the accountability is split among multiple entities on a project.

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