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    Self-Performing Contracting Explained

    You might see this term pop up in the world of construction contracting and it’s important to understand why it is beneficial vs. hiring a traditional contractor who is not self-performing.  First it’s important to understand what this term means. Throughout the history of man building things, labor has typically been segmented. Another team lays the foundation. One team builds the walls. One team frames the building, etc. Construction, as all things, evolves.

    Modern evolution of construction is driven by the need to be more efficient while delivering better quality more quickly.

    That is where self-performing contracting comes in.  A self-performing contractor is one that completes the majority of the work they are hired for with their own direct skilled labor force with minimal use of subcontractors.  It has come about in construction due to the evolution to build a better product in a more efficient manner over the sub contracted construction model.  Silver Spur Contractors places accountability, efficiency, and top quality results above all else.  We are ready to put our experience to work on your project.

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    Benefits of Self-Performed Contracting


    Faster, More Efficient Construction

    Traditional contractors can have up to 15 sub contractors on a given project, all with different schedules and needs.  This puts the general contractor more in the role of a broker, requiring significant time negotiating pricing and coordinating schedules with subcontractors.  Managing the communication and accounting in a model like this is a complex job all in itself and represents multiple fail points in the process. Self-performing contractors remove this complexity from the build process by using in-house workers and can complete projects more nimbly than traditional contractors.


    Quality and Expertise

    One of the misconceptions behind self-performing contractors is that quality is not as high as when using specialized subcontractors.  To the contrary, because a significant layer of cost and complexity is removed from the process by not using subcontractors, self-performing contractors have teams of talented craftsmen who have worked together on project after project; honing in on process and efficiencies that guarantee quality, and the contractor has a higher level of accountability for the result of your project.

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